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IndieBooks is an independent publisher committed to producing books that are a pleasure to own and to give. As an artisan publisher, we try and find the best ingredients, from the finest writers and illustrators right through to the care taken with editing and design and printing. We want our readers and authors to have the reassurance that every book we publish is produced to the highest standards. If you want to follow our progress, then check out our blog. If you want to get involved, drop us a line.

Ask IndieBooks... 


What do YOU publish?

A bit of everything - our backlist is fairly varied and we have turned our hands to both fiction and non-fiction, children’s and adult. 

We have good experience in producing books with charities, having now worked in collaboration with Teach First, RAF Museum, The Woodland Trust, and the smaller but equally amazing, From Syria With Love.

We are also lucky that we attract particularly interesting authors, and there is nearly always a story behind the story itself. At the moment we have upcoming titles from Janez Janša, the former Prime Minister of Slovenia, John Williams, former Downing Street Press Secretary and political editor of The Daily Mirror, who has written a romance novel set in Palestine, drawing on his time having lived there, and an entirely anonymous author — even to us — who has written a brilliantly charming and unique novel, The Ballad of Curly Oswald


We are looking to diversify our list and are open to submissions. You can email us directly using Please attach a representative section of your manuscript, a short biography and your book proposal. Being a small independent publisher, we have a lot of flexibility in what we produce and how, so can take on projects that might not find their fit elsewhere! Do get in touch. 


The initial idea behind IndieBooks was to be an artisanal publisher, which we think we have achieved. There is no part of the process at IndieBooks which is replicated project to project, each book very much has it’s own story and we have complete flexibility about what we do and how we do it. With everything ‘craft’ being so popular right now it’s nice to be a part of that authentic independent trade movement that people seem to really appreciate.