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Our books are individual and diverse, but have a common theme which is that our prime reason for publishing them is their innate quality and value. They are books by and for people who love books.


king’s company

William D'Amory dreams of battle and glory: but since his father died defending King Stephen, there is no money to train him for knighthood. Instead he must tend the pigs while his family prays England's bitter civil war will pass them by. Then comes a stranger on a secret mission and William is plunged into danger and intrigue. Pursued across war-torn England in the company of a fugitive prince, he must at last face the truth about his father's death.


wORRALS of the waaf

Britain: 1940. Flying Officer Joan Worralson, known to her friends as 'Worrals', is stationed at a RAF airfield - but though she is a qualified pilot, she is not allowed to fly alongside her male colleagues - until a mysterious plane plunges her into aerial combat. Soon she and her loyal sidekick 'Frecks' are pitted against a ruthless gang of Nazi spies, and the girls need every ounce of skill and courage to save the day. This is the first of the 'Worrals' novels by W E Johns, creator of 'Biggles', and it packs in plenty of adventure. 


young person’s guide to the gothic

This is the book for everyone who loves modern Gothic and wants to know where the vampires, ghouls, haunted houses and zombies all began. Richard Bayne has included a dozen complete Gothic stories some familiar, some found mouldering in the crypts so forming an anthology of some of the best chilling tales of all time. To complete the fun, the Guide is illustrated by award-winning graphic novelist Richard Sala. Enter if you dare...