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Our books are individual and diverse, but have a common theme which is that our prime reason for publishing them is their innate quality and value, not their potential to make money. They are books by and for people who love books. Indiebooks are committed to ethical trading and maintain close relationships with authors and readers alike.

parricide by richard major

Dr Felix Culpepper continues his double life as classics tutor to the aristocratic dolts of St Wygefortis and purveyor of death and destruction to any who offend his aesthetic sensibilities - and struggles with the prospect that his apprentice Lady Margot may turn out to be more deadly than her master.

Quintember Paperback cover copy.jpg

QUINTEMBER by richard major

When there are high crimes to be covered up, mysteries to be wrapped in enigmas, or a murderer to be liquidated - literally - there is only one man in England who can be trusted with the task: Felix Culpepper, tutor in Classics at St. Wygefortis' College, Cambridge, and assassin-at-large for the British Establishment.

White Panther cover  copy.jpg

white eagle by janez jansa

203BC. For the Karnian people, in the idyllic mountain passes of Slovenia, the Roman Empire is no longer a distant menace: the legions are massing on their borders. It is a time for leaders to step forward – to try through diplomacy to save their independence, and to ready the weapons of war.